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Karibu Tanzania

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Olduvai Gorge

Is a site in Tanzania that holds the earliest evidence of the existence of human ancestors,paleoanthropologists have found hundreds of fossilized bones and stone tools in the area dating back million of years,leading them to conclude that humans evolved in Africa.

Olduvai is misspelling of oldupai,a maasai word for a wild sisal plant that grows in the area .the gorge is located in the great rift valley,between the ngorongoro crater and serengeti national park its 30 mils from laetolia ,another fossils-rich area .

Olduvai gorge was formed about 30,000 years ago the result of aggressive geological activity and sreams


At laetolia west of ngorongoro crater,hominid footprints are preseved in volcanic rock 3.6 millions years old and presents some of the earliest sign of mankind in the wolrd.three separate tracks of a small-brained upright walking early hominid.inprint of these are displayed in the oldupai museam.

Excavations mainly by the archeologist louis and mary leaky yielded four different of hominid showing a gradual increases in brain size and in the complexity of their stone tools,the first skull of zinjanthropus commonly known as Nutcracker man who lived about 1.75 million years ago was found here the most important find include home habils,zinjathropus and the laetolia footprints

isimila stone age site

In the late of 1950s amid adramatic land scape of eroded sandstone pillars archaelogical unearthed one of the most significant stone age find ever identified tools found at the sight hammerstone axeheads flints and scrapers-are stimated to be between 60,00 and 100,000 years old,there is a museam with small well-captioned displays highlighting some of the discoverios,isimila is signposted off the mbeya road to the left about 21km southwest of iringa.


Isimila stone age site were amazed find of stone age tools including bones and skeleton of pre- historic animals were found dating back 300,000 years ago.

You can view the wonderfull stonepillers that where formed as a result of soil erosion on the land leaving the red standing pillers thst occurs many years ago.